Hotties I love ❤

Lee Williams

Hotties I love ❤

Cillian Murphy

Hotties I love ❤

Eddie Redmayne

Hotties I love ❤

Matthew Goode


The Lake

Hotties I love ❤

Clive Owen



Was thinking of maybe dating again, but every I try, I lose hope all over again. Everyone is either looking for a pen pal or a FWB. I guess I may be looking at the wrong place, if so, where the hell is the right place? Personally, I think that whoever came up with the phrase "There are plenty of other fish in the sea." is a DICK!  I'm not looking to get married, or move in with someone. I'm just looking for someone to hang out with, who actually wants to be friends, but that apparently is too much to ask for.

The Road


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