Subway Guy Falls Off The Diet Wagon

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Jared Fogle, a.k.a., "the Subway guy" was recently spotted in the Miami airport toting some extra baggage -- and not the kind on two wheels either.

Nearly a decade ago, we watched in awe when commercials aired about the young 20-year-old college student who lost 245 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches for lunch and dinner every day. Now we're watching again as the sandwich chain's spokesman has apparently fallen off his own diet.

While he still tweets about eating Subway (wouldn't you if you got free subs?), it appears the Subway guy has taken a break from eating fresh as much as he used to. According to Subway's web site, "Jared still enjoys his favorite SUBWAY sandwich, but has eased himself into eating other foods. He always chooses foods low in fat and limits the amount of alcoholic beverages. He still drinks only "diet" beverages and continues his walking regimen."

No one can blame a guy for wanting more of a variety of food -- after all, eating subs every day for years had to get kinda boring. But straying too far from his staple of turkey and veggie subs has obviously caused his waistline to spread as quickly as mayonnaise.

It appears Jared is still visiting schools and events across the country to promote the Jared Foundation which Subway established in 2004 to help fight childhood obesity and encourage kids to lead healthy lifestyles. As part of his presentation, he shows the crowd his iconic 60 inch fat pants. Just two months ago he told the kids at Thurman White Middle School in Nevada that staying healthy and keeping fit are "so important".

Let's hope those fat pants stay off the Subway guy and the extra toppings around his middle are just a temporary set-back.


Hell! If Jared plumped back up what hope is there?


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